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Managerial Hospitality Position Only English - Full Time (# 

Oferta de trabajo Nicaragua

This position requires 100% English Proficiency. If you don't know how to write, speak and talk fluently in English 100% please don&# 039;t apply. Spanish resumes will disqualify you. ONLY ENGLISH RESUMES We are entrepreneurs, and we are continuously growing and expanding into new businesses. This position is in the hospitality business, our company name is EOX Capital, we started 8 years ago and now we have 10 Vacation Rental locations with about 50 apartments to manage, and we are expanding. The administrative duties for this position are demanding since our clients are consumers instead of business like in our other business. They required a lot of customer service in addition to our vendor's management. We have a tight schedule with duties. More about the position: Since this position is remote, you will be working from home. Following is required: - Excellent internet - Quiet environment - Modern smartphone. Since we work with Airbnb, VRBO, and Trip Advisor. Knowledge/Experience required: QuickBooks, Google Drive/Dropbox, Adobe, Excel, Word, calendars, any experience working with CRMs, experience in customer service, billing. The offering Salary is from $700 up to $1,500 USD Monthly, dependant on your experience and performance. We don't have a presence in your country, just in the USA Working Days (5) are from Thursdays through Mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are off. 11am until 8pm EST You must be: - Technically savvy. We are a modern, technology company. This is no place for someone who is not extremely comfortable with new ideas and technology in general. - Smart. We are not mincing words here. You know if you are. If you doubt you are, you are probably not. - Self-starter. One of the most important performance metrics of this position is how many projects/initiatives you start. If you like to sit and wait for someone to tell you what to do, this is not a place for you. - Problem Solver. Fixing problems is the crux of this position. You have to be willing to jump into the unknown and own it. - Independent. No hand holding here. - English fluency and excellent grammar. This is all great but what is in it for you? - Great pay. And always options to grow. - Easy working environment. Hey, it's your home, it doesn't get any comfier than that. - No commute! Again, "your home" benefit. - Paid vacation time, expanded every year you are with the company. - Opportunity for business travel. - Super cool boss. - Even cooler coworkers. If you are interested please attach your Resume. No Spanish. Spanish resumes will disqualify you.

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